We were able to organize a training session with Christophe Poinsot at short notice for the season opener. Some of you will know him from the Avenche trainings for the Team-CH interested players or as a coach of the PG-Académy who have participated in the last Swiss Championships. He is a very experienced coach from France.

The trainings will take place on Sunday 6 and Monday 7 February, i.e. in 10 days. As players registered for the 2022 season, you are cordially invited. There are 3 possible training slots, you can train once on Sunday and Monday. Please register for all possible times so that we have different options for grouping. Unfortunately, Doodle is broken at the moment, so please send the times in an email to me until this Saturday 29.01.

– So 06.01 14:00 – 16:00

– So 06.01 16:30 – 18:30

– Mo 07.01 ~09:00 – 11:30

I’m sorry it’s so short-term, but please come and benefit if you can to start the season with a highlight! 🙂

Thank you and Liebi Grüess,

John Hutchison


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