Pony Mounted Games is a great way to improve your riding while building a relationship with your horse. Sometimes we start losing interest in our riding because we keep doing the same routine and patterns over and over. Playing games is not only a great way to improve your riding, but it keeps your riding active, alive, and more fun for you and your horse.


Games can help you to desensitize your horse and build experience with a variety of situations. Strange objects for horses such as flags and cones that are often seen at horse competitions can be frightening to your horse and have her/him act in unpredictable ways. By playing games with different objects that could be intentionally frightening you can teach your horse that these things are actually fun and desensitize him to these things during any competition.

Improved Riding

Mounted games can challenge you to control your balance, flexibility, and your horse outside the normal scope of riding. Changing your routine makes you a better all-around rider.

Learning to Stay Focused

Pony Games are a great way to teach your horse to follow your lead. In normal group lessons or while riding out on your own your horse often just falls into this “herd mentality” and does whatever the other horses are doing.

However, with Pony Mounted Games, your horse learns to focus on what you are asking them to do, while the other horses are also busy doing something else in the same area. Your horse learns to keep their direction and focus on you despite what is going on around them. No herd mentality here!


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